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Autentico History

Chalk and lime based paints have had a colourful history.

Dating back to the 14th century in Italy, natural ingredients like chalk, lime, clay, mud and even dirt have been used to create paint. The Italians painted with these ingredients and a method called Dry Secco. Secco colours dry lighter than the colour upon application producing a distinctive chalky quality of a distempered wall.

Dry (secco) fresco paintings dating back thousands of years are still in remarkable condition. This is a paint which will keep its beautiful appearance for years to come. Truly a paint that has survived the tests of time.

Autentico Inspiration

Autentico have invested years of time and dedication to create a modern version of chalk and lime paints, which combine their coveted history and modern technology. We believe we have a spectacular range of chalk and lime paints, all very environmentally friendly, with the best possible coverage and an unrivaled pallet of rich colours.

Versatile paints for many purposes depending on the purpose we have paint for use on;

Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint

Available in 150+ colours, this is our decorative chalk paint. Very soft porous finish and easy to distress. With only a 2% sheen, this is the paint you want to create a flat colour block finish, the real shabby chic effect or to perform all kinds of decorative techniques.How to use; Clean the work surface of your project using a sugar soap, no need to sand or prime area to be painted, ensure any knots are sealed, paint your project ideally using an Autentico Nylon Brush, Autentico brushes have been made specifically for use with Autentico chalk paint to create a lovely finish. (do not use a natural fibre brush) leave the paint to dry prior to adding further coats of paint, once you have the desired finish use Autentico wax or Autentico Matt Varnish to seal you project to protect from dust. Once your project is finished wash your brushes thoroughly using water. Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint is a water based paint, if the paint thickens you can add a little water to thin.

Autentico Wax – Brush on with an Autentico wax brush wait a minimum of 15 minutes to add more wax if required, once dry buff to your desired sheen.

The Matt Varnish – Water based varnish, looks like watery milk, paint on your finished project using the Autentico Paint Brush (same brush you used for painting is fine) then leave to dry.


Available in 150+ colour, our eggshell chalk paint is perfect for ffor exterior surfaces and for damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms. This chalk paint is of the highest quality and wipe-able. Therefore also great to paint kitchens units, table tops and other surface that do need a bit of extra protection. Autentico VERSANTE superior eggshell has a sheen factor of 15 %. Unlike the traditional chalk paint, Versante superior Eggshell must be handled as a normal eggshell and therefore do not load too much paint on your brush.This paint can be used for indoor or outdoor furniture, the sealant is built into the paint so no need to wax. Ideal for use on large areas like kitchens, doors, skirting, window frames.

Autentico Velvet Chalk Paint

This is our professional wall emulsion chalk paint. Great for painting walls and ceilings. Dead flat matt finish (2% sheen). Available in 150 + colours. For use with the Autentico decorating brush or a roller. Great for painting wooden floors with a washed effect, if used to paint wooden floors the Autentico Sealer must be used to seal the paint. To create a stunning washed floor effect: ensure your wood is clean and dry, water down the velvet chalk paint paint, paint your wooden flooring, ensure completely dry then go over with the Autentico Sealer. To create a flat block colour, use the velvet chalk paint as it is from the tin, apply additional coats to get your desired finish, once dry paint over with the Autentico Sealant.

Autentico VERSANTE OUTDOOR Chalk Paint

Available in 150+, chalk paint for exterior surfaces/furniture and for damp high humid areas including kitchen and bathroom furniture, also ideal for painting bathroom and kitchen walls. This chalk paint is of the highest quality and wipe-able, therefore also great to paint walls in your kitchen prone to fat splats and kitchens units, table tops and other surface that do need a bit of extra protection. Autentico VERSANTE matt has a sheen factor of 5 %.

Autentico Venice Lime Paint

Available in over 108 colours. Covering 8 square meters per litre, the Venice Lime Paint is perfect to create a textured result on walls. Ideal to create an antique Italian Patina and traditional Italian plaster effect. Resulting in Secco, Fresco, Bagnato finishes well known and remembered from the remarkable famous renaissance era. Feeling like being Michelangelo for a day? Venice Lime Paints are perfect for you to take part of a small journey into Rome's Vatican's Sistine Chapel. Also perfect to ensure a stunning shabby chic look on all your furniture.

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