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Venice Lime Paints

Available in over 108 colours. Covering 8 square meters per litre, the Venice Lime Paint is perfect to create a textured result on walls. Ideal to create an antique Italian Patina and traditional Italian plaster effect. Resulting in Secco, Fresco, Bagnato finishes well known and remembered from the remarkable famous renaissance era.
Feeling like being Michelangelo for a day? Venice Lime Paints are perfect for you to take part of a small journey into Rome's Vatican's Sistine Chapel. Also perfect to ensure a stunning shabby chic look on all your furniture.

How to Use on Furniture: Use Autentico White Primer as a base coat. Stir paint well then apply the paint to your furniture project using a wide lime 4" brush straight from the tin. Paint in even strokes, once painted, leave to dry for 8 hours. Seal with Wax or Sealant and it will create the ultimate shabby chic look. Paint can be water down and two shades applied to create a stunning two tone effect. 

How To Use on Walls: For best results, paint on plaster, brick or cement. If the wall is pre-painted, use Autentico White Primer as a base coat. Lime paint is a little alkali when applying, it is strongly recommended to wear safety gloves and goggles when applying your lime paint.

Secco: Apply the Lime Paint straight from the pot to create a textured cloudy effect. Use a wide lime brush or a short haired roller. Do not dilute the paint. Work from the top of the wall down, do not paint the edges first or re-touch the paint as this will remain visible after drying. Apply in thin coats. Thick coats will leave shiny patches. You'll have now created the perfect Secco cloudy textured style.

Bagnato: Apply Autentico White Primer if required onto the wall, using always a wide long haired brush at least 4" wide, to create your perfect finish. Stir the Venice paint to ensure pigmentation has been well included and then start to paint straight from the pot. Paint from top to bottom in long even strokes, do not paint edges first as this creates a frame like effect and can still be visible. The next stroke needs to be painted while the first stroke is still wet and so on. As must be painted wet on wet. Allow the first coat to dry for 8 hours.

Second Coat. Spray the entire wall with water using a plant sprayer. Your aiming to make the wall just damp not soaking wet for the perfect Bagnato style. Start painting from top to bottom as previously done straight from the pot. If the area dries out, respray with water, but do not respray the areas with the second coat. Once the full wall has a second coat, let it dry for 8 hours and you'll have perfected the Bagnato style.

Tip: Two shades can be used to create a two tone effect. To do this, use a darker coat as your first coat and a lighter one as a second coat. I.e. Flannel Grey as a base coat with the Autentico Venice Silver Lime paint as a second coat.

Be aware: The lime paint looks a lot darker than you expect while wet. This is normal and will dry to your desired colour. 

Did you know? Bagnato is Italian which means "wet", "damp" or "Soaked". But for the Bagnato style we need damp.

Fresco: To create a very authentic aged look, the Fresco style is perfect for you. 

First coat needs to be diluted with 30% water. Apply with a wide lime brush and work from the top of the wall down in strokes of 2" wide. Never do the edges of a wall first. This remains visible after drying. 

Leave the first coat to dry for eight hours. Once the paint has dried, then apply the second coat, with the paint diluted with app 5 - 10% water. Again working from the top of the wall down and try to apply only a thin coat. 



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